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Welcome to the courthouse in Krylbo and TING1903. We are located in southern Dalarna, close to nature and wildlife but still not far from civilization thanks to good communications. We offer accommodation with breakfast in this grand old building that used to house the district court. Just passing through or intending to stay for a longer time, you are warmly welcome to share this unique experience!


The courthouse was built in 1903 and design by the architect Folke Zettervall. The building then came to serve as a courthouse until 1996, and was then abandoned for several years.


The courthouse is noticed as a historic building why renovation has been done with care and customized solutions. The interior of the courtroom is untouched except for the floor and audience seatings. A restaurant is under construction and shall be housed in the old courtroom. However, it is possible to book the main hall for conferences or party arrangements.

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